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“The world is filled with moments of light, color,

contrast and possibility...I love to express that moment!”


I live and work in the realm of infinite possibilities, and I bring those possibilities into my images with vibrancy, luminosity and depth.  I am inspired by life energy, choices, nature, reflections, rhythms, ebb and flow. 


I'm indulging in this passion after having perfected my role as business professional (founded and ran two businesses in New York City and Phoenix, AZ).  I’ve always contributed my time and energy by volunteering and have also taught pastel painting to beginner and intermediate students.


Commissioned works are a collaboration of your emotions, ambiance, subject matter with my interpretation of your desires....a personal and  creative process for both of us! 




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All artwork is the sole property of Lillian Coury and is held under copyright.  The images, artwork and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without written permission from Lillian Coury.

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